Corn Bollos

While living with my host family in Santa Rita, I learned how to make a common Latino dish- bollos. A bollo is corn dough wrapped in corn leaves that is cooked in boiling water. To make it, the whole family gathers for an afternoon of peeling and cleaning corn. The kernels are shaved from the husk and placed into a grinder. The corn is ground into a thick paste and formed into dense rolls. These rolls are encased in corn leaves and secured by string. Once boiled, they can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Bollos were not one of my favorite dishes while in Santa Rita. Some people love them, but I found them to be a bit bland and heavy. Although my taste buds were not jumping for joy, I did revel in the process of making them. It was a memorable bonding experience with my host family, and a wonderful arm work out while grinding. Remember, try everything at least once!

bollos (2)
Grinding Corn for Bollos

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