Hula Hoop Closet

Over the past two years I have gotten into hooping. Not childhood hula hooping, but meditative dance hooping. Hooping is a great way to exercise and turn off an ever-going mind. I lugged my hula hoop from the U.S. to Panama, hoping to stay fit and improve my flow during these two years. (Prior to Panama I brought it to the British Virgin Islands, California, Texas, and Virginia). Every morning during the 10 weeks of Pre-Service Training I hooped and shared my interest with my host family. Unfortunately, the first week I arrived in Renacimiento the children became too overzealous to play with my hoop. It broke beyond repair and I was bummed for a bit. However it has found a new purpose as a hanging closet! Now my stinky, moldy clothes can get some air flow and good vibes from past hooping.


(For those concerned, I brought back a new hoop when I visited home for Christmas. Thanks Mom & Dad!)


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