Hummingbird Feeder

There is an abundance of hummingbirds that flutter around my house in the campo. Native to Panama, these species range from beautiful greens to blues. With an old Sugar-in-the-Raw bottle in hand, I created a hummingbird feeder. Knowing that red is the perfered color of michi (hummingbird in Ngabere), I strung a Vitamin Juice-Plus top to the opening of the bottle. Holes are poked into the upside-down bottle’s cap so sugar water can flow out as it is sucked up. As mentioned, the bottle is filled with a mixture of sugar water (heat water, stir in sugar, wait for it to dissolve into the water, shake then put into bottle). This is a fun craft to practice with children in the community. They can find old bottles, string and caps to create their own. This craft not only promotes recycling, but offers a fun lesson about the science and wonder of pollination. Now every morning, while I sip on a cup of coffee, hummingbirds buzz to and from the feeder with delight.bird



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