A plubo is a cubo (bucket) with a pluma (spout/faucet). It is utilized to store and provide accessible clean water. I first learned about plubos during my Pre-Service Training a year ago. In the beginning, I mainly used my plubo for safe-guarding Peanut Butter, Chia Seeds, Granola and other snacks I didn´t want my curious host sisters finding out about. Once I moved into my new house, and aquired cubos for food, I began using the plubo as intended. Now I love it! Once a week I clean it with soap then fill it with my rainwater. Then I treat the water with Chlorine and wait 30 minutes before drinking. Throughout the week I am able to fill my water bottles without having to remember to treat the water and wait more. This also comes in handy while cooking.

To make a plubo, first father the materials: a CLEAN cubo with a lid, and a pluma kit (it comes with a threaded faucet and plastic washers). You can also purchase teflon tape to wrap around the threaded nozzle (to prevent leaks) but it may not be necessary. Now you have to make a hole in your plastic cubo. When you make the hole, position it 1/2″ from the bottom. This is to ensure that sediment falls to the bottom of the cubo and does not exit out your drinking pluma. To make the hole, start out small and gradually increase the size. I used a heated pocket knife. You want the pluma to squeeze into the hole with a bit of effort. If it slides in too easily, then your plubo will leak. After you´ve made the hole, clean around the area and prepare the other pieces. Before twisting the pluma into the hole, slide one of the washers on. Once the pluma is through the hole, place another washer on from the inside. So your two washers will be capped on either side of the hole, preventing any leaks.

Once all the ´hard´work is finished, decorate your plubo and fill it up. A great way to spread the word about using a plubo is bringing it to meetings filled with chicha. How do you store your potable water?


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