Hemp jewelry

For Christmas my Mom gifted me a really cool hemp jewelry kit. It came with black and tan hemp strings, and ‘tribal-esque’ beads. I’ve never made jewelry before, except the occasional string friendship bracelet. However I hadn’t made one for over five years, so I was a bit rusty. The kit came with a guide, so fortunately I was able to follow some instructions. I definitely have a new appreciation though for YouTube How-To videos! They make it so much easier to learn a trade. Anyhow, I dove right in and began making bracelets and necklaces. The ones that were too small became my puppy’s dog collar, and those that were too long served as a ‘strap’ to keep my glasses from flying away. Others morphed into a calabasa mobile, with feathers poking out from all angels.

The techniques for making bracelets and necklaces proved easy once I got the hang of it. Depending on the style, you can use a combination of different knots. For my choker necklace I chiefly made square knots. If you experience an itchy sensation at the start of wearing hemp jewelry, try putting baby powder on. At first, the small hemp strands feel like they’re poking into your skin. Once the hemp soaks in enough water (and sweat), it will thicken and soften. I cannot wait to teach the girls in my community how to make hemp jewelry, and learn from them how to make local beaded jewelry called chakiras. What kind of jewelry or crafts have you made with hemp?


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