Trellising Green Beans

I’ve never grown green beens before, and did not do a lot of research beforehand. Like most of my garden plants and herbs, I simply planted the seeds and hoped for them to grow. Half end up working and half don’t. Green beans definitely fall into the category of ‘working’. I knew that they would be climbers, but I didd not realize just how tall they would want to climb! I started the green beans off next to recycled pieces of rebar. One 4′ rebar was placed on each end of the two rows. Using hemp string, I connected the two rebars horizontally at the top and bottom. From those string lines, I zigzagged a trellis up and down. For a month, the green beans climbed splendidly up this trellis. Once I realized they would continue to grow taller, I connected two thin bamboo branches to the existing rebar. Then I made an overhead trellis with more bamboo and sticks. The overhead is connected with string as well, except it make horizontal zigzags. Now they are following the overhead trellis and continuing to reach for the sun. As most of my gardening experiences, it is mostly learniing as I go. How do you trellis your green beans?



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