Trellising Tomatoes

When growing tomatoes, it is important to provide them with a support system. I don’t talking to them and singing them songs (although you can do that too!), but constructing a small trellis. Tomatoes are climbers, and need the extra support once their delicious fruit grow and weigh them down. You can make a tomato trellis in a number of ways. Some gardeners use a gated wall, others a zigzag string approach. I decided to make a tiered pyramid using extra pieces of bamboo and string.

Tomatoes do very well growing in a pot or cubo. Just make sure your container is big enough for their roots. Also, be mindful when trellising inside of your pot/cubo. Gently place your metal wire, or in my case bamboo, near the baby tomato plants. Start this when they’re young and their roots haven’t spread out too much. If you wait too long to set up your trellis, you could risk rupturing a root. Once you make a pyramid with bamboo sticks, secure them together by wrapping string around in an upward spiral. As your tomato plants grow, help weave them through your trellis so they have the full support once they’re mature.


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  1. Very creative….I love it!


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