Nesting Box

After my worm composting box didn’t quite work out, I reverted back to what the box was originally: a chicken nesting box. After removing the compost, I repainted the wooden frame and built a bamboo staircase with a kiddo. Inside the nesting box, I layered several old pillow cases. You can also use wood shavings or any soft material they would feel comfortable in.
My chickens should start laying eggs anytime now! I am in the process of getting them accustomed to climbing into the box, relaxing and hoping back down. It’s not going as smoothly as I hoped it would but maybe once they’re ready to lay eggs they will feel more inclined to nest there. I recently placed a store-bought egg inside hoping that will fire up their hormones. Each chicken should lay a couple of [infertile] eggs each day or so. I can’t wait to scramble them up with the spinach and basil from my garden!


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