Spice Shelf

Each time my lovely mom sends a package, or I get the chance to see her in person, she goes above and beyond gifting me spices. Our favorite spice shop is The Tea & Spice Exchange, which boasts unique creations of salts, peppers, herbaceous delights and more. Some of my staples are Vik’s Garlic, Onion Obsession, Thai Coconut Blend, Applewood Salt, Lemon Pepper, and Mountain Spice Blend. Another Favorite spice company is Penzeys Spices. Foxpoint, Mitchell St Steak Seasoning, Cumin Seed, and Dark Chili are Penzeys hits on my spice shelf. Spices are key to making any plain dish of rice or boiled bananas tasty. Another huge plus in the campo is unlike sauces and condiments, they do not need to be refrigerated!
As I keep accumulating more mouthwatering spices, I need more room to put them. So I built two spice shelves. Using leftover pieces of wood, I nailed two ‘shelves’ into the wall. Since the nails were 4″, I left some space for handing measuring cups, rubber bands, and my egg poacher. The shelves are the perfect width for a spice bottle to rest upon and not get lost behind another. If your shelf is too wide for a nail to go all the way through, make a support underneath for it to securely rest upon. You can also make a spice shelf without nails, by securing the wood with string. However, there is always a greater risk of your spices falling with this method. Whatever you do, just make sure your yummy spices don’t get forgotten [or seen by curious kiddos]. What are your favorite spices to use in the campo?

…a cardboard box with units is another way to organize your spices and condiments! Also, you can repurpose extra chicken wire and alambre dulce to make a hanging rack.



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