Homemade Paper

For Christmas, Santa surprised me with an awesome paper-making kit from Terrain at Styers. I brought it back to Panama with me and have had a lot of fun creating my own cards to send to loved ones back home. I try to mail letters once a month, and now they are even more personalized.

I am not 100% sure what the paper is made of, but I like to think of it as magic:). After collecting leaves, flowers, seeds, ect. you place them on top of the paper in the design you want. Be sure to pick items that have interesting outlines, or else it will turn out as one big blob. Let the paper sit in direct sunlight for 15 minutes. Remove the items and place the paper until running water until the water runs clear. Then let it dry in sunlight.

The paper starts out light blue. After placing the leaves and flowers on top, the paper underneath becomes white. When washed, the surrounding blue becomes deeper and you have outlines your foraged materials. The inside becomes a tye-dyed blue and white.
Voila! Ready for writing! This is fun to make with kids in the community too. They can collect leaves with unique outlines and become inspired by the magical process.


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