Railing Flowers

After installing my rainwater tank, I found that I had extra 3″ PVC piping. At first I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but then an idea popped into my mind: a flower railing holder! When I moved into my house, I knew I wanted to plant flowers on the railing. This was a great way to use the extra PCV!

First I cut off the top 1/3 part of the tube. Then I made drainage holes every few inches using a heated nail. More holes were made in the sides to hang it with string. Each end was capped with 3″ PVC tapones (end caps), to prevent soil from falling off the sides. After painting it green, I hung it up and filled it with a mixture of potting soil and homemade compost. To prevent soil drainage, I placed a loose ball of coconut husk over the holes with rocks on top. This way, excess water would still be able to escape without draining the soil too.

It took a while to find flowers to fill the railing tube. Most of the flowers at the legumberia preferred shade, and my railing almost always has direct sun. When I visited a fellow volunteer, I had the good fortune of finding a beautiful red draping plant that likes direct sunlight. I brought a few clippings back and planted them right away. I also planted a small aloe plant, since they soak up the sun! In time they will both spread out and fill in the rest of the flower pot. Does anyone know of other sunny plants and flowers grown in Panama and where I can find them?



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