Cement Latrine Thrones

There is no better companion to a ferrocement latrine plancha than a ferrocement latrine seat. The seat can even accompany the regular latrine plancha design. These seats are easy and fun to make, especially with friends and neighbors. All you need is:
Leftover cement from your latrine plancha
Sifted sand
A 5 gallon cubo
An old t-shirt
1 big plastic bag
Hacksaw or sharp knife
Chicken wire
Alambre dulce

Before anything else, you need to cut off the ridges of the cubo and smooth the area. With the open end on the ground, cover the cubo with a plastic bag. This will make it easier to remove from the mould later on. Then tie an old t-shirt around the cubo. The smoother the better. Now secure chicken wire around the cubo. It can best be secured with alambre dulce, but string also works. When connecting the two free ends of the wire, make it flow as neatly as possible. To give extra reinforcement, weave alambre dulce around the belly of the cubo and at the top where your bum will sit. Spray the t-shirt/chicken wire cubo with water so the concrete sticks better. You are ready for the concrete!

Once your sand has been sifted, measure 1 cement for every 2 sand. An old KLIM container works great for measuring. Mix the cement and sand first before adding in water. Be sure not to make your mixture too wet, nor too dry. It is quite the Goldie Locks situation. Once the mix is just right, :), apply a first layer using a trowel. It is okay to still see the pattern of chicken wire after this first layer. After the first pass, give it two hours to dry. Then apply a second thin layer, just enough to cover any wire. Be sure to make a flat, fat lip at the top so you’ll be able to sit on it. Cover the creation with a plastic bag and keep it moist for a couple days. It is easiest to make a sprinkler/watering can out of a plastic bottle. Simply poke holes in its’ top! Water it once in the morning, afternoon and evening.

After 2-3 days, carefully remove the cubo from the outer mould. You can flip it upside down and place the bottom of the cubo on a can, then push down. Now your seat is standing on its own! Time for the inner layer. Make the same mix and apply a thin layer inside the concrete walls. Again, just enough to cover any chicken wire and alambre dulce. I find it easier to use a paint brush instead of a trowel for the inside. Cover and wet the seat for a few more days. After a couple days secure it to your latrine plancha. When doing so, it helps to score (like in pottery…make little hash marks) the area of the plancha where you’ll put the seat. Ready to enjoy!

There are also compostin latrine seat moulds that are quick and easy to make. Just wipe the mold down with oil to the mix doesn’t stick. Fill in the mould with your concrete mix and ya!


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