Homemade Piñata

Not sure what to do with your extra cereal boxes? Burn them? NO. Botar them? NO. Recycle them into piñatas? SI! This is a really fun activity to do with kids in your community. They’ll be able to celebrate birthdays and holidays with a piñata without having to buy one in town for ~$7.

First, open up the cereal box so it’s spread out. Then draw the figure you want to make. I chose a star but many kids chose simple circles. It should be a shape that can be replicated on another piece of cardboard. Cut along the drawn lines for both shapes. Now you have two identical shapes of cardboard. Time to attach them! Using tape, connect the two with the side and bottom strips of the cereal box. You may have to cut them smaller depending on your design. In essence, you are creating a 3-D figure from your two flat shapes. Once it is all taped up and secure, make a hole at the top. This is where you will put in the candy, and secure a piece of string with tape. From this string, the piñata can hang freely. To decorate the outside, I cut up old flashcards and taped them on. To make it more fancy, invest in paper mache and glue. For another piñata I opted for fallen feathers of my chickens:). Whatever piñata you make, be sure to add in flour with the candy (a Panamanian custom).

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