Kitchen Window

When I moved into my house, the kitchen was completely closed. Not only was it dark, but stuffy! Putting in a window was on the to-do list for months but other things kept coming up (you know the deal). After six months I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to just go for it. With the help of a neighbor, David, we spent a morning cutting wood/nailing it back together/putting in the locks/and waalaa!

Now there is a lovely breeze and light in the kitchen. The kids are also huge fans of the window, pretending my house is a tienda every chance they get. We exchange my old food containers, cardboard and string for vegetables from their family farms. Their curiousity has become a bit of an annoyance though, as they stand on the bench and peer in. Nevertheless, the window has been a great way to interact with visitors while maintaining my personal space. It also helps mitigate my chickens pooping inside as I can now close the door but still be social and polite. Plus while Hobbes the kitty was in my care, she really digged the window sill. It was great learning how to install a window and get crafty!


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