michila (2).jpg

One of the parts I love most about living in Bocas del Toro is drinking michila (mee-chee-la). Michila has quickly become my favorite beverage when pasearing and on rare chilly days. It is a warm drink consisting of ripe bananas and coconut milk.

First, prepare the coconut milk. After you harvest, de-shell and grate a coconut, pour your desired amount of water into the shavings. With your hands, squeeze the shavings in the water for several minutes until it turns milky white. Squeeze out any remaining water in the shavings and throw them to your chickens (or puppy dog). Strain the milk and toss again. Now you have coconut milk! Pour into a pot.

Next, mash several ripe bananas. Place them into the pot with coconut milk and begin heating on low. Continually stir for several minutes then remove from the heat. Drink with a johnny cake and you’re a happy BocatoreƱa :).


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