Calabasa Dream Catcher

Another activity to do with calabasa shells is create dream catchers. Living alone in site can get a bit scary at times; especially during nights of heavy rain. To feel a little more protected, think about creating your own dream catcher utilizing local materials.
Start by cutting a small calabasa in half. Clean out the innards, place it in boiled water for several seconds, then create designs. Be sure to make a small hole in the top for string to pass through when it is hung. Get creative with your designs, drawing from the natural environment around you. I recommend using a sharp knife or scribe.
Once the calabasa is ready to go, begin making the rest of your dream catcher. Using hemp, twine, or flexible sticks, create a sturdy outer circle. From there, begin knotting the inner string section. There are many how-to guides for this part online! As you string along, be sure to integrate stones and gems. Once the main circle is completed, start on the ‘dangles’ so to speak. Tie string to the outer circle, then beads and feathers to the tips of those strings. My chickens enjoyed helping me out with this part ;). Also tie a longer looped string to the top of the outer circle, for hanging.
Now you have a dream catcher! Slip the calabasa on top and secure with small sticks or paper clips (so it does not fully cover the dream catcher). Hang it near your window and bed, and have a sounder sleep! Happy slumbers.

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