Fun with Paint

When I moved into my house I bought three, quarter gallons of paint in the colors blue, green and yellow. Soon most of the downstairs outdoors was decorated! I started by painting my staircase yellow, then all hell broke loose. I painted vines along the downstairs beams. Chiro painted a beautiful Ngabe Dientes frame around the kitchen door, while I drew a free-flowing sun/sky/grass on the upstairs door. With the extra paint we went crazy with the chairs, stools, and chicken coop. Chiro made an adorable chicken on the coop’s door! Once David helped me install a kitchen window, I painted a mandala on the outside. All around the house, I made small wooden signs that I then nailed up, for the “huerto”, “abono organico”, or “tanque de lluvia”. When the kids got involved, we all had an afternoon of hand-painting the side of my house. Anyone passing through can definitely tell that a PCV lives here! Overall, it was really fun painting the house and now it feels more like home:). My next goal for ‘Fun with Paint’ is a world map at my house or the school! I’ll keep you posted.


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