Paper Jewelry

Every time I shopped in a fair trade store in the States, I was always drawn to the recycled paper necklaces and bracelets. I never knew how easy they could be to create! This is a great activity to do with youth or in a women’s group. I showed the Grupo de Damas de Loma Coco how to make them for future sales. Although some of the materials need to be purchased in town, they last a long time if stored safely. Creating products from recycled goods is a wonderful way to alter the perception of trash and foster a deeper consciousness for environmental stewardship. It also aids the fight towards gender equality, as these women’s groups can increase their economical value within their communities. To better the environment, increase the local value of women, and make paper jewelry follow these steps:

All you need is:
Scrap paper, scissors, a toothpick/twig/Q-tip, string or fishing line, glue, and nail polish or varnish. You can also use beads, pendants and paint to make your jewelry more unique.

All you need to do is:
Cut elongated triangles from the scrap paper. Take each piece and slowly roll it onto itself using a toothpick. Place a small dot of glue on the tip to hold it together. Brush a thin layer of nail polish over the entire paper ‘bead’ and blow to dry. If you decide to paint them, this would be a good time to do so. Cut a piece of string the desired length to make a necklace or bracelet. Once dry, carefully slip the paper bead off the toothpick and weave a string through the two ends. Place a glass bead every other time, or a pendant in the middle. Secure the two ends of your string and whala! If you need more guidance, there are various websites that have picture instructions.

Give it as a birthday gift or wear it as an example to inspire others. Promote RECYCLING! What do you do with scrap paper?


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