Bean Sprouts

In the campo, it can be quite difficult to keep fresh vegetables for long periods of time. Your body begins to crave fresh foods that are good for you, as you become weighted down by rice and boiled green bananas. One alternative to purchasing veggies in town is making crunchy bean sprouts!

Bean sprouts can be made with a variety of beans, but I prefer lentils. First, prepare your container: I use an empty plastic peanut butter jar. Cut several small holes in the lid; big enough to drain water but not for the beans to fall out. Before going to bed, take several spoonfuls of beans and place them into the clean container. Fill with water and let it stand overnight. The following morning, drain the beans, rinse and drain once more. Continue a rinse and drain 2-3 times a day for 3-4 days, or until your beans begin to sprout. Once they start sprouting, it will look like small tadpoles. They are best eaten raw- over salads or as a snack. You can spice them up, but I really enjoy them without any additives. They are crunchy, buttery, earthy and a really healthy snack! Sprout away :).


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