Recycled Pillows

Like most canines, my Panamanian puppy dog LOVES playing with stuffed animals. However, he takes it to the next level and fancies ripping out all the stuffing. When copious white puffs began dotting the house and lawn, something in my gut told me not to throw them away. When Stacy, Elena and Preston visited for Christmas, we used the stuffing as decorative snow around the upcycled cardboard Chrristmas tree. Once Christmas passed, however, I was stumped what to do with the stuffing. Then an idea came to mind- to sew pillows for a few babies in the community!
Using leftover cloth and lace from the AOA camp, I sat in my hammock on a rainy day hand-sewing three pillows. To make a pillow, cut two identical pieces of the size you want your pillow to be. Sew three edges together, leaving one open for the stuffing. Flip it inside out, put the stuffing in, and sew the final edge. Adorn with a lacy bow or whatever extra materials you have. The babies loved the pillows, as they slept snugly in their chacara hammocks.


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