Whereabouts Board

Living and working in the same place can sometimes be inconvenient, and others times very convenient. Particularly when I’m not in my house but out doing other things. I suppose in the U.S. one could create an automatic “I’m Away Right Now” reply to their emails and texts. Here in the campo, however, this would not work. Therefore, I created a “Whereabouts” Sign posted on my front door. Edi ta Medente? (Where is Edi?) Ti Ta…(I am)…Sribire (Working), Basare (Visiting neighbors), Ja Totike (Studying), Juben (Bathing- in the river), Kubien (Sleeping), or Ja Denka Chiben (Playing with the Kiddos). This sign has been a great way to let passerby’s and curious children know what I am up to and why I am not home.


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